• #Project366

    Project 366 – Week 7 2016

    Sunday was of course Valentine’s Day and I was woken by my lovely Hubby shortly after 9am with scrummy breakfast in bed, poached egg and salmon on toasted bagels, as well as a beautiful card, a large bouquet of yellow roses (my favourite) and some lovely gifts. We had a relatively chilled day at home […]

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  • Pizza Express Stamford

    We had a Bear-y grrrr-eat time at Pizza Express

    Pizza Express fans who saw my picture post about what we got up to during half-term might have noticed that our half-term break ended with a very welcome treat to Pizza Express in Stamford. We are certainly no newbies to Pizza Express (it is one of our favourite places to eat as a family) but […]

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  • Half term

    Thank goodness half term is over!

    I am never normally one to be thankful for the Bean’s returning to school *dashes off to check previous posts* because I look forward to the school holidays and getting my Beans back, planning fun things to do and spending lots of quality time together so this half term holiday was no different. My Mum […]

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  • A trip to Hamerton Zoo – mixed feelings!?!?!? 1

    A trip to Hamerton Zoo – mixed feelings!?!?!?

    Zoos aren’t for everyone I know that and to be honest I can see both sides of the argument but I visit Zoos with my children (and before I had children) because I know that a Zoo is pretty much the only opportunity that I (and they) will get to see some of these animals. […]

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  • A fun (but tiring) half term! 2

    A fun (but tiring) half term!

    I often approach school holidays with mixed feelings; on the one hand I am excited by the thought of having all my babies at home with me and then on the other hand I panic “oh no, I’m going to have all my babies at home with me”. I love them to bits but I […]

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