• Any day soon . . .

    My little man is growing so fast and I get the feeling that he is going to progress through his milestones faster than his big sister did.  Right from day one he has been a very strong little boy, holding his head up, pushing himself to a standing position when you’re holding him on your […]

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  • An Addendum: What job can you imagine your baby doing?

    Since I wrote my earlier post on this subject I’ve been observing my daughter Little Bean very closely and decided that perhaps I could be wrong about her! Last weekend we bought Little Bean a mini trampoline because she loves “boinking” (bouncing to you and me!).  It is one of the kiddie ones with the […]

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  • Curly

    What will be your child’s future career?

    Whilst reading a magazine recently I saw an article which said a study by statistician Dr Geoff Ellis has suggested that your first-born is more likely than their siblings to become a rock star. It got me thinking about my children and what they might become when they are older. Curly’s Future Career So as […]

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