• Minecraft

    What to buy for a Minecraft fan?

    Has your home been invaded by Minecraft too? Ours started some time last year when Curly first discovered the game from one of his friends at school and he is still a HUGE fan of it now. During the Summer holidays he taught Little Bean and Beanie Boy how to play it too and now they […]

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  • Picstick

    Picstick: Personalised Photo Magnets

    With the rise of apps like Instagram and Eye-em our smartphones, tablets and PCs are awash with images, instant captures of moments in our lives. People are pushing the boundaries of their photography skills and looking at life in a different perspective. As nice as it is to have all these moments shared online sometimes […]

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  • Father's Day

    Last minute ideas for Father’s Day

    There are always going to be those of us who leave our Fathers Day shopping until the last minute and need a bit of inspiration because let’s face, men are notoriously difficult to buy for aren’t they. Well I think Hubby is at least, he doesn’t really have ‘hobbies’ and he falls asleep every time […]

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