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    So many home projects, so little time (and money!)

    I must admit when we bought out current home I thought “this is it, we have everything we need in this house” but then you move in and you live with it all for a while and you have more children, new furniture and suddenly it doesn’t feel so spacious anymore. One of our biggest […]

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  • Gift ideas for men 1

    Gift ideas for men

    Maybe it’s just me but I find men notoriously hard to buy for? Perhaps it’s the men in my life or something to do with the fact that I’m not a man and so I don’t think like one? If you have someone of the male variety to buy for a need a little help […]

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  • What would you do with this garden? 7

    What would you do with this garden?

    When we moved to our current house two and half years ago I knew that there would be one thing in particular that we would miss from our old house – our garden! Our old garden was south facing, it had a large patio area, a large wooden climbing frame, a big decking area to […]

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  • Dobbies garden centre

    Dobbies Garden Centre Peterborough

    The Mummy Matters family have spent a lovely afternoon with Nanny, Grandad and Auntie Emma at the new Dobbies Garden Centre in Peterborough. Throughout the morning we had batted around a few ideas of how we thought we would spend the afternoon and then I received a phone call from Nanny to say that she […]

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