• Ferry Meadows

    Ferry Meadows with Friends . . .

    Monday was a day of outdoor fun again with our besties. This time we hit Ferry Meadows in Peterborough equipped with our scooters and a sense of adventure. The visitor centre at Ferry Meadows gives out free bags of bird food so that the children can feed the ducks, swans and geese. The older children […]

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  • Rain

    When life gives you a rainy day, play in the puddles!

    Before the Summer holidays began, my friend Karin and I sat down and booked dates in to get together. We have learnt from past holidays that if we don’t do this we can go all Summer with our free dates not coinciding and then the children end up disappointed that they haven’t seen each other. […]

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  • Outdoor fun

    Pirates, Plasters and a Picnic in the Park

    The Summer holidays have crept up on me again this year, I just don’t know where this last term has gone. With the approaching Summer holidays comes a sad realisation for me too, things are about to change. These are my last few weeks with my boys at home together two days a week because […]

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