• SnUGGly new slippers for Mummy! 1

    SnUGGly new slippers for Mummy!

    Every now and then an email drops into your inbox which really puts a smile on your face. The most recent of those emails was one saying that I had been nominated to receive a SnUGGly pair of slippers from UGG Australia by my friend Karin. Karin had recently reviewed the UGG slippers herself and […]

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  • New Schuhs!! 2

    New Schuhs!!

    Before Christmas, we were asked if we would like to review Schuh’s children’s collection either in-store or online. Initially, I was going to try online as I hadn’t been shopping in Peterborough for so long and didn’t realise we actually had a Schuh shop now. So post Christmas when I dared to venture to the […]

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  • Thank Crocs for the English weather! 3

    Thank Crocs for the English weather!

    When you get given a pair of Wellies at the beginning of June you can’t help but think to yourself “it’s not really Wellington Season”. Then you give yourself a reality check and remember that you don’t live in the Med and that actually in England it never really knows from one day to the […]

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