• #TescoFinest

    We will be eating Tesco Finest this Christmas, will you?

    Last Thursday evening my Mum and I popped along to the Tesco Extra store at Serpentine Green in Peterborough along with a host of other specially selected customers for a Christmas Tasting evening. The events were being held up and down the Country over 2 nights with 2 events per evening with the purpose of […]

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  • Ainsley Harriott’s Winter Warming Soups 4

    Ainsley Harriott’s Winter Warming Soups

    Whenever I feel poorly, I turn to soup. It’s easy to eat, it’s tasty, nutritious, filling and makes you feel all warm and snuggly. Ainsley Harriott has just launched a new premium range of soups especially for the cold winter months or just when you feel the need. They are so simple to prepare, it […]

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  • We swapped and saved with Aldi 5

    We swapped and saved with Aldi

    Many moons ago before Little Bean was born and I was working full time, we used to do all of our food shopping at Aldi. It was convenient for us because Hubby and I worked together and the Aldi store was just a five minute drive from our place of work. We were always happy […]

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