• Ravensburger 3D Puzzle

    Ravensburger 3D Puzzle

    Apart from doing the odd 4, 12 or 20 piece puzzle with Curly and Little Bean, I haven’t actually touched a puzzle in years. When I was younger I used to love doing them, I love anything which challenges my brain a little and exercises the grey cells. Well, puzzles have come a long way […]

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  • Treasure Island Toys have all the answers!

    Treasure Island Toys (www.treasureislandtoys.co.uk) has been a popular online store for many parents in the UK since 2008, but as of November 2011 the site became an entirely different sort of online experience. Treasure Island has created what they like to call a ‘Fun and Party Search Engine’ and is unique in the fact that […]

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  • Dolphin Tale

     Last year I was invited to a bloggers event which I was very sorry to turn down, as I headed off on the first day of our family holiday Warner Bros were busy meeting lots of lovely bloggers to tell them all about their new movie Dolphin Tale starring Harry Connick, Jnr, Ashley Judd, Kris […]

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  • 014/366 – #socialtestdrive

    Today the Mummy Matters family took a road trip to Hull to visit The Deep courtesy of @DriveLexusUK who delivered a gorgeous Lexus RX450 Hybrid to our house on Friday evening. @DriveLexusUK want to break down the stigma attached to test-driving new cars, you know the one – you walk into a dealership and straight […]

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  • Burghley

    013/366 – Bring on Burghley!

    Thank you to our lovely friends Karin, Ella and Sam – we had a lovely day today (although my legs are aching a little this evening!). It was a shame that MummyManda, Popsy and Boo couldn’t join us but hopefully, we’ll see you next week xx

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  • They must have known . . .

    Just a few days before Christmas a parcel arrived addressed to the Mummy Matters family which put a smile on all our faces. I am so easily pleased I was excited by the gorgeous hessian sack trimmed with red polka dot ribbon and a huge gold bell but once we opened the sack we couldn’t […]

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