• New Year fitness tips 2

    New Year fitness tips

        So, Christmas is only a few days away and soon pretty soon we’ll all be working on a nearly impossible list of New Year’s resolutions. After all the eating taking place throughout the Christmas, we can only imagine that “getting healthy” or “shedding a few pounds” will make the final cut. So, what […]

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  • Zaggora Hotpants are really . . . . hot!

    When I was first contacted about reviewing Hotpants, all that I could think of was Kylie’s tiny bottom in ‘those’ gold hotpants and then thought of my bottom and realised it would NOT look good in a pair of hotpants, gold or otherwise. I read on a little further into the email and noted that […]

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  • Baby Yoga

    Baby Yoga for Bonding and Toning

    Unless you’re in the minority of mothers whose bodies sprang back into pre-pregnancy form straight after giving birth to your little bundle, you’ll know just how frustrating it can be to see your old clothes laughing in your face every time you open the wardrobe doors, or how painful it can be when your back […]

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  • A glimpse of the old days . . .

    Would you just listen to me, I sound like a 70 year old not a 35 year old!! “oooh Gertie do you remember when we used to go over by yonder and have a twirl round the floor . . .”. Well it’s not quite like that but many moons ago when Little Bean was […]

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