• Pregnancy

    Food and Drink to Avoid When You’re Pregnant

    While it is vitally important to adhere to a nutritious, balanced diet during your pregnancy, there are some foods that can pose a significant danger to your unborn baby. Foods such as lean meats, fresh vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products are ideal, but there are some things you should try to either limit […]

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  • How do you diet? 5

    How do you diet?

    Before having my children I was one of the lucky ones who could eat exactly what I wanted and it didn’t make a difference to my weight but since having the children my metabolism has most definitely changed and now every little lump and bump shows. It has had a big effect on my confidence, […]

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  • Coca Cola now in new smaller cans! 6

    Coca Cola now in new smaller cans!

    I am a sucker for personalisation, it probably stems from the fact that with a name like ‘Sabina’ I have never really been able to buy things with my name on. So when Coca Cola launched their new bottles earlier this year with the top 100 names on them, I didn’t even bother to look […]

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  • Thinking Slimmer – it has definitely had an effect! 7

    Thinking Slimmer – it has definitely had an effect!

    Last year I applied to be a Thinking Slimmer blogger in association with Cybher 2012. I was really looking forward to giving it a try and began listening to the Slimpods each evening before bed. After just three nights of listening to the Slimpod I discovered I was pregnant with Jelly Bean and so I […]

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