• Jelly Bean’s First Christmas 1

    Jelly Bean’s First Christmas

    Hopefully you will understand but I’m not planning on writing too much over the Christmas break, I have been looking forward to our Christmas break for ages. This is Jelly Bean’s First Christmas and being our last baby, this is our last ‘First Christmas’. Given the situation with Hubby’s job it is also the last […]

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  • Tesco have got Christmas all wrapped up! 3

    Tesco have got Christmas all wrapped up!

    Christmas is only 12 weeks away and I am sure its comes around quicker each year. This year will be a very special Christmas for us as it will be Jelly Bean’s first Christmas and we are really looking forward to celebrating it with all of our family at home as that has been the […]

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  • How to prepare and cook a Turkey

    Dare I say it, at the age of 36 years old I STILL have not prepared or cooked a turkey for Christmas dinner!  That’s pretty shameful really don’t you think?  I wouldn’t even know where to begin, I generally cheat and buy a turkey crown but the older I get, the more I feel like […]

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  • Foodies Christmas Gifts 4

    Foodies Christmas Gifts

    Once upon a time I would have laughed at the thought of calling myself a ‘foodie’ but slowly over time I have actually begun to enjoy food and food preparation. Baking has always been my biggest passion but with the help of some great cookbooks and some REALLY great appliances I’m really being to enjoy […]

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