• Aquabeads

    Aquabeads Jewel Rings

    As the summer holidays got into full swing Little Bean settled down for a morning of crafting Aquabeads style. I knew without taking these out of the box that Little Bean would love it because she is a big fan of Hama Beads but at least with Aquabeads she would be able to do the […]

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  • Nickelodeon

    NOW TV Nickelodeon Swap Shop – summer holiday fun!

    NOW TV is thrilled to announce two exciting new additions to its children’s entertainment offering. Viewers can now watch Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. at any time, without a contract via the Entertainment Month Pass.   To celebrate, NOW TV is launching the NOW TV Nickelodeon Swap Shop. The social campaign is asking families to get […]

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  • Ferry Meadows

    Quarter of today’s children spend only 30 minutes outdoors

    – New research reveals that the current generation of kids spend the least amount of time outside – New research[i] commissioned by the National Trust shows that children aged 7-12 spend less time playing outside compared to any other generation. According to the findings, over half of today’s children (54 per cent) spend less than […]

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  • Mario Kart8

    Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U

    Mario Kart has long been our game of choice, it’s the game that Curly always wants to play against Daddy and I (probably because he knows that he can beat us) and it’s the one that the younger Beans have learned to enjoy too but as our ‘leisurely’ gaming family goes we do tend to […]

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  • long journeys

    Keep the children entertained on long journeys

    Travelling with children can often be a stressful event, they just want to get there, YOU just want to get there but sadly we haven’t learnt to teleport yet and as far as I’m aware the floo powder in Harry Potter is just fictional too so until someone makes a great discovery it’s planes, trains […]

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