• Review: Don't You Dare by Sharky & George 1

    Review: Don’t You Dare by Sharky & George

    Are you tired of seeing only the top of your child’s head as it is buried away in the land of electronic gaming? We limit the time that our children are allowed to play and at times I feel like we are being mean when we tell Curly it is time to switch off but […]

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  • House of Secrets in the shops tomorrow! 3

    House of Secrets in the shops tomorrow!

    Hold onto your hats. Acclaimed film director, producer and screenwriter Chris Columbus has swapped the big screen for books with House of Secrets, the first book in a brand new trilogy, which he has co-written with Ned Vizzini of MTV’s Teen Wolf fame. House of Secrets is their first collaboration and serves up everything an […]

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  • The Snowman is 30 Years old!!! 4

    The Snowman is 30 Years old!!!

    I don’t know about you but I’m thinking that is SOME Snowman and craftsmanship to last 30 years!! Seriously though, at first I thought “nah it can’t be 30 years” but then thinking back yes I remember that first Christmas when I was but a child myself and we all sat down to watch this […]

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  • Happy 30th Birthday Dear Zoo! 6

    Happy 30th Birthday Dear Zoo!

    For those of you who don’t know Dear Zoo, where have you been? For those of you that do know Dear Zoo, can you believe it’s really 30 years old!?! Well just a few short weeks ago Little Bean, Beanie Boy and I headed down to London with our friends Karin, Ella and Sam to […]

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  • Our Picture Book Picnic 8

    Our Picture Book Picnic

    I was thrilled to be chosen by Walker Books for their Picture Book Picnic Blog Tour which began on 30th July and will run for 10 days, to include 10 bloggers enjoying 10 picnics and 10 books. We could almost start our own library here with the number of books we have in this house but still, […]

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