• Our Picture Book Picnic 3

    Our Picture Book Picnic

    I was thrilled to be chosen by Walker Books for their Picture Book Picnic Blog Tour which began on 30th July and will run for 10 days, to include 10 bloggers enjoying 10 picnics and 10 books. We could almost start our own library here with the number of books we have in this house but still, […]

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  • The Hobbit – Review and Giveaway 4

    The Hobbit – Review and Giveaway

    Sometimes I wonder where I was during my school years, I was actually a pretty model student, I wasn’t part of the ‘in’ crowd and I wasn’t particularly a geek, I just plodded along at my own pace, got my work done and came away with pretty good grades. But when I talk to other […]

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  • Review: My First Justin’s Jokes

    Ok I admit it, I’m one of those terrible mother’s who just cannot laugh at their children’s rubbish jokes, I just don’t have it in me. You’d think by now I would have learnt how to do it, afterall Curly is 10 years old so I’ve had plenty of practice. Curly loves to tell jokes, […]

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  • Old Before My Time – Hayley Okines

    If you have never heard of Hayley Okines, where have you been? I first heard about Hayley a few years ago when she was featured on Channel 5’s Extraordinary People and I fell in love with her immediately. Hayley was born with a rare genetic condition known as progeria which means that she ages eight […]

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  • Kobo Touch eReader

    Do you like reading? I do, I love to find a book so good that I just can’t bring myself to put it down “just one more chapter” I say to myself, even though I can barely keep my eyes open as I wind down before catching a few zzzz’s but there is one part […]

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