• Santa

    Bingo! Mummy will stay-in today…

    Phew, it’s one of those days, when you just want to lie down and forget all your worries for a moment. I know time is passing so quickly when I see my little kids growing up. I feel that their body is going through a sudden spurt and maybe they will start going to college […]

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  • Even bingo knows the power of love…

    As I was lucky enough to marry my best friend I’m well aware of the power of love but it seems that the traditional game bingo is too! This great video published by Costa Bingo summarises Valentine’s Day when depicting the bingo call for number 14 and I have to admit, I’m a big fan! […]

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  • A fun quiz for you to discover your #myBingoPersonality

    Bingo has moved on from the blue rinses and perms from the days of old. It’s still as popular as ever but it’s no longer something that just your Gran does to have a catch up with her friends or down at the seaside. Bingo is now online, on your mobile and of course still […]

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  • Are you a fan of The Voice? 1

    Are you a fan of The Voice?

    Most people I know watch The X Factor every year, I generally like the audition stages and then lose interest until the last few weeks but The Voice seems to have a marmite quality to it, people either love it or loathe it. Last year I loved the battle rounds because I thought they were […]

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  • Don’t let the snow spoil your fun! 2

    Don’t let the snow spoil your fun!

    Some people really don’t like the snow and prefer to stay at home in the warm but depending on how long the snow lasts that can bring about it’s own problems. I hate being confined to the house for too long, I get ‘cabin fever’, I can’t bear to sit and watch daytime TV, I […]

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