• Dormeo

    How to get a good night’s sleep in three steps . . .

    Sleep – it’s kind of necessity, isn’t it?! Without a good night’s sleep, we lose the ability to function properly, we become susceptible to all kinds of health problems, we get grumpy and short-tempered, we crave bad foods, and that’s just the start of it. Hence, we must get the best sleep possible so we […]

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  • bedroom makeover

    Easter holidays – bedroom mini-makeover

    It was a little remiss of me to not take a ‘before’ photograph of our bedroom but basically it was a magnolia box with plain cream bedside lamps and colour was thrown in via various different duvet covers. It has been our intention for some time to give our bedroom a makeover since it is […]

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  • Little Bean’s Bedroom Makeover with Wall Stickers 1

    Little Bean’s Bedroom Makeover with Wall Stickers

    When we did the big bedroom switch in preparation for Jelly Bean’s arrival, we pretty much kept the style of their rooms the same as they had been. We gave each child their choice of colours but they didn’t want to change them so Little Bean kept her pink bedroom and decided she wanted to […]

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  • perfect bed

    What is the most important piece of bedroom furniture?

    When purchasing bedroom furniture, there are a few pieces that are invariably important. Whether for a large bedroom or a smaller space, a handful of must-have items can create a cosy and cohesive look in any room. With a wide range of designs available in a variety of shades and styles, shopping for bedroom furniture […]

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