• Crawling to Cruising in just one week!

    For a few weeks now Beanie Boy has been on his hands and knees rocking as though ready to crawl, I just knew it was going to happen any day.  Well that day was last Friday to be exact, he began taking a few tentative moves forward with his hands and then his knees.  And […]

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  • Growing so fast . . .

    I can’t believe next Monday my little man is going to be 6 months old already!!! Where on earth did the last six months go? I swear it has gone quicker second time around. All of a sudden he has started sitting unaided for a few seconds or at least until he spots his feet […]

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  • The Vomiting Caterpillar 1

    The Vomiting Caterpillar

    Not a particularly pleasant title today is it? But there is a reason for ‘The Vomiting Caterpillar”, my little man is really making progress with his movements at the moment. When we sit on the floor with him now he will very often sit unaided for a few seconds before leaning on our legs or […]

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