• A trip to Hamerton Zoo – mixed feelings!?!?!? 1

    A trip to Hamerton Zoo – mixed feelings!?!?!?

    Zoos aren’t for everyone I know that and to be honest I can see both sides of the argument but I visit Zoos with my children (and before I had children) because I know that a Zoo is pretty much the only opportunity that I (and they) will get to see some of these animals. […]

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  • A family day out at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo 2

    A family day out at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

    A Zoo isn’t a place that I would normally think about visiting between Christmas and New Year if I’m honest. This Christmas we visited Whipsnade Zoo the day after Boxing Day, as far as I am concerned Whipsnade is one of the best zoos! About the Zoo Whipsnade Zoo is set in 600 acres of […]

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  • Family holiday – Snettisham Park 3

    Family holiday – Snettisham Park

    When speaking to some friends who live in Norfolk about what to do for days out with the children they recommended Snettisham Park for a fun family day. We underestimated the Deer Park enormously thinking we would probably only stay there for 1-2 hours before heading off to the beach for the remainder of the […]

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  • The Gallery: Animals

    I wasn’t sure whether to be excited or disappointed by Tara’s choice of theme for this week as I think I have probably already shared some of the best pictures that I have of animals at the moment but then I remembered this picture. I took this photograph last week at Woburn Safari Park on […]

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