• Strength

    Not so strong . . .

    Looks can be deceiving can’t they. I’ve had quite a few people recently telling me “you’re amazing” and “I don’t know how you do it all” because that’s what they perceive when they see me with my Beans or from the odd posts they see on my blog. The truth is, I actually feeling a […]

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  • Happy Thoughts

    Far from perfect . . .

    I’m tired. My head hurts and I feel very flat. A few nights ago I was watching You’ve Been Framed with the Beans (they LOVE You’ve Been Framed) and one of the clips made resonated with me. It was a clip of a hamster running super fast in it’s wheel and then the wheel became […]

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  • Birthday

    Birthday weekend: my 40th year has begun!!

    Seriously, how did I get to 39 so quickly?! Whilst most people last weekend were celebrating having a three day weekend, we were celebrating birthdays!! No that wasn’t a typo, I did mean plural because last Friday was my Mum’s birthday and then mine was on Sunday. Mum took the day off work and came […]

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  • Engagement ring

    A perfect proposal . . .

    Hubby and I are approaching our 8 year Wedding anniversary this year, sometimes it’s hard to believe where the time has gone but then I look around at our growing family and the answer is staring me in the face. I still like to think back to our Wedding Day and further back than that, […]

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