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I think there is a point in most children’s lives where they develop an interest in Magic, I know I certainly did and Curly has been intrigued by Magic tricks since his Uncle taught him a few tricks last Christmas.  We were offered the Super Deluxe Wooden Magic Set by When I Was A Kid to review and I knew that it would be a winner when I presented it to him.

When I was told that the Magic Set was ready to be sent out to me, I was asked by Paul Warner, the Daddy of When I Was A Kid what day would be convenient for me to take delivery, then on the morning of delivery he was able to contact me and give me an hour slot so that I knew exactly when to expect the delivery company to arrive.  I LOVE this service which is now standard for all When I Was A Kid deliveries as it means that I don’t have to waste time sitting in all day.  It’s also helpful if you are ordering something as a surprise for your children to ensure that they are not around when the delivery is due to save on explanations.

Magic Kit

I’ve seen Magic sets before and they are generally made from quite cheap plastic and come in a tacky carry case but as with all toys from When I Was A Kid I knew that I could expect something of quality.  What I wasn’t expecting was such large box of tricks which come in two hand painted wooden magician’s cabinets.  They create a great ‘stage’ to perform the tricks from and when folded together forms a great storage box.

There are 10 magic tricks which are reasonably easy to learn with the help of the instructions enclosed; Disappearing Ball , Vanishing Coin, Magic Coin Box, Cylinder Squeeze, Secret Silks, Vanishing Zone, Egyptian Prediction, Magic Number Prediction, Money Maker and Great Escape and in order to perform the tricks, the all important tool of the trade – the Magician’s Wand!  All of the tricks are made of solid wood and are painted to a high standard.

What I particularly like about the Magic Set is the bonding which has occurred in our family since it arrived.  It begins with Hubby and Curly sitting down together learning the tricks, and then Little Bean gets involved as his ‘glamorous’ assistant before they put on a show for the family.  Curly is quite the performer and has revelled in becoming ‘The Great Curly’ every time he is at home with us. 

Priced at £24.75 for a wooden, handpainted set with so much variety I think this is very reasonable and would make a great birthday gift.  It is aimed at age 8 years and upwards which I think it about right, as any child younger than that might struggle to work out the instructions.

So what better way to finish this review than with a performance by the Magician himself . . .


DISCLAIMER: For the purpose of this post I received the Super Deluxe Wooden Magic Set to review.

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