Summer Holidays – Day 4

During the morning I had lots of fun with the #kidsinthekitchen making ice lollies like I used to with my Mum using Angel Delight and Dream Topping. The boys then had a sleep whilst Little Bean and I had fun with Aquabeads and Go Create Cool Bandz (reviews to follow).


In the afternoon we met up with Karin, Ella and Sam over at Burghley Garden of Surprises for an afternoon of water fountains, sunshine and sculptures.


The children went in search of the Three Little Bears and played for AAAAGES here when they found them. It was so nice to watch their imagination take hold as they played together with the Bears. And it was in the shade so Karin and I got a chance to cool down a little and have a catch-up chat to boot!

Summer Holidays 2014

If you have never visited the Sculpture Gardens at Burghley House you are missing a real treat, they change all the time. So many more Sculptures have been added since I first visited years ago. It’s one of my favourite places to visit.

Summer Holidays 2014

The children had lots of fun in the great big open ‘bowl’ area. They did lots of hill rolling, chatting and chasing each other. There were a few stroppy moments, mainly between Little Bean and Beanie Boy but hey, the day had a ‘y’ in it so why would I expect any difference?!

Summer Holidays 2014

Even Jelly Bean finally got to experience the taste of freedom here as he was able to crawl and walk around with the others whilst Karin and I watched on and put the world to rights. But no visit was going to be complete without the obligatory photo in front of the Mask which is definitely one of my favourite sculptures of all.

Summer Holidays 2014

Sadly, Karin, Ella and Sam had to leave a little earlier as Ella had a swimming class so I took the Beans back to the water gardens and set Jelly Bean down on the floor to see what he would make of the fountains. Initially, he wasn’t so sure and chose to sit back and watch his older brother and sister . . .

Summer Holidays 2014

But slowly he moved inches closer to the fountains and finally, he put his hand into the water and squealed with delight!

Summer Holidays 2014

Then I couldn’t get him away from them. He LOVED the fountains so much he screamed when I eventually removed him from them.


The bigger Beans had a chance for a few last run and jump whilst I dressed Jelly Bean and then it was time to head to the restaurant for yummy ice creams . . . well it would be rude not to!!


Are you enjoying your holidays so far? Have you visited the Sculpture Gardens before?

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