Summer Holidays - Day 3 1

Summer Holidays – Day 3

The third days of the summer holidays for Beanie Boy also signalled the last day of school for Little Bean. Once we had dropped her off at school, the boys and I had a pretty chilled day. Beanie Boy discovered the Swashbuckle game on the CBeebies app which made him very happy and Jelly Bean played with his toys and pretended to be cool in his big brother’s Dudeskin cap.


After school we went with the other Mums, 1 Dad and loads of the children from school to a nearby pub to celebrate the start of summer. All was going well until the beastly sides of Little Bean and Beanie Boy reared their ugly heads and managed to upset most of their friends with either physical or verbal attacks.

Summer Holidays 2014

We came home to find a fun package awaiting us from Asda in the form of a Jelly Teddies tent so with Curly’s help we popped it up in the garden and then faught off pleas from Little Bean for her to sleep in it that night. Maybe when Mummy is feeling a little less fraught!

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