• Jacamo

    A man can never have too many pairs of shoes . . .

    Well that’s what my husband says anyway! I think we have things slightly the wrong way around in our house as he is definitely the one with the most shoes and whenever he gets a bit of spare cash, he will generally be found lurking in a shoe shop. We were recently asked if Hubby […]

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  • Original Penguin – Like Father, Like Son 1

    Original Penguin – Like Father, Like Son

    If you were to look at photographs of Hubby as a young boy and look at Curly, they are the spitting image of each other, right down to the curly hair that was white blonde and got darker with age. They are very similar in their physique too, Hubby used to be one of the […]

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  • Review: Zalando Online Shopping 3

    Review: Zalando Online Shopping

    I have always enjoyed shopping, I have been doing it for years with my Mum. In fact I can’t even remember what we used to do before Sunday trading began. When I became a Mummy myself I wanted to be able to carry on enjoying my trips to the shopping centre. I don’t always make […]

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  • Men: Look your best this summer in shorts! 6

    Men: Look your best this summer in shorts!

    It’s probably been a while since your legs have seen the sun. Even if you’re a runner, cyclist or regular shorts-wearer, the weather in the UK this winter and spring hasn’t been very conducive to baring your skin. But now that summer’s around the corner, our thoughts are turning to summer holidays, or even just […]

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