• Lingerie buying guide for men

    Many moons ago, I used to work at M&S in the lingerie department and Christmas was always one of my most amusing times of the year, one by one the men would appear in the lingerie department, trying to look confident but failing miserably.  I soon lost count of the number of times that I […]

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  • Because I deserve it 2

    Because I deserve it

    While it is perfectly normal for you to look great when pregnant – I lost count of the times people told me that I was ‘glowing’ – it is also perfectly normal for the symptoms of pregnancy to be difficult to deal with. No doubt you will be suffering or will have suffered from a […]

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  • Genie Bra and Breast Cancer Care 4

    Genie Bra and Breast Cancer Care

    Before I became a Mum I didn’t really put much thought into my boobs other than whether they made a top/dress look good or not. I always loved to wear nice underwear but that was about it. Then when I first became pregnant I started to think about my body very differently, I realised that […]

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  • Black lace maternity dress

    Winter is coming and Mummy’s getting fat . . .

    Ok, ok so I know I’m not exactly getting fat but I’m definitely getting bigger as Jelly Bean continues to grow stronger inside my rather football shaped tummy. It’s funny how each pregnancy produces a different shape, with Little Bean I could definitely have said ‘fat’ I was huge!!! With Beanie Boy I didn’t put […]

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