• We had snow much fun in our KoziKidz gear!! 1

    We had snow much fun in our KoziKidz gear!!

    I think the majority of the UK received a covering of snow today, we didn’t get loads but we had enough that the tiddlers were overly excited and eager to get out in it after school. One thing I used to hate about playing outside in the snow when I was a child was how […]

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  • TK Maxx Mum & Child Style Challenge 2

    TK Maxx Mum & Child Style Challenge

    I don’t know what I did before the days of TK Maxx, it’s a bit of a marmite shop for most you either love it or you hate it and I am most definitely in the LOVE IT category! I would even go so far as to say that I only go shopping in towns […]

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  • Back to School: Matalan School Uniform 3

    Back to School: Matalan School Uniform

    I knew this time would come eventually but really so soon? How can it be that my little girl is four years old and ready to start school? School Uniform Shopping Now that we know for definite which school she is going to in September, we have been able to focus our efforts on getting […]

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  • Little Dish Shoes

    Many of you will have already seen my competition which I ran a little while ago on behalf of Little Dish to win a pair of their shoes. Well now I’m going to tell you how great there shoes have been, Little Bean has been wearing her Little Dish shoes virtually EVERY SINGLE DAY since […]

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  • Where do you buy boys clothes?

    It’s funny the kind of things that run through your mind when you’re pregnant and people ask you if you would prefer a boy or a girl. When I was pregnant with Little Bean I would always say that I wanted a girl but Hubby already had Curly, plus I had seen so many gorgeous […]

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  • Bobux introduce their Step-Up collection

    Regular readers of Mummy Matters might have seen my recent post on Beanie Boys’ new Bobux shoes, well now Bobux are happy to introduce their latest collection . . . Spring/Summer 2012 sees the launch of Bobux’s new step up collection. The new step up range accommodates the shape and stability needed during the vital […]

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