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Speech therapy for a baby who won’t eat?


Yesterday whilst sitting on the Parent Governor’s Board for the local Children’s Centre I had the very good fortune to be sat next to one of the best Health Visitors in the area. She remembered seeing me a few months ago when I was attending the health centre regularly complaining about Baby Bean’s refusal of anything solid to eat! She asked me how things were going and I told her that I was aiming to get her onto solids by the time she was 10 years old!!! Who says I’m not optimistic? I explained that we were currently having a go at Baby Led Weaning and had been doing so for the past couple of weeks but so far Baby Bean just put things in her mouth, moved it around a bit, took it out and gave it back to me saying “noooo”. 

Anyway, to cut a long story short, she has suggested that Baby Bean be referred to a Speech Therapist?!?!? To begin with I looked at her with my best blank expression and then said “but she is speaking a little bit?”. HV then explained that there is a link between children eating (swallowing) and speaking because it is when they eat that the muscles in their mouth are exercised, enabling them to speak properly. Therefore Speech Therapists know different exercises and methods to encourage children to eat. Well I’m at the stage now where I will give anything a try – I’m just a mum who wants the best for my daughter and eating happens to be one of those things which I think will be good for her! Watch this space . . . .

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