SONY DSC HX5V Digital Camera

As today is World Photography Day I thought this it would a good time to tell you about my camera(s) depending on how much time I have to write the posts!

image So I’m going to start with my Sony HX5V which I bought last year after much research and deliberation. Ever since I started taking photographs when I was about 11 years old, I have had a passion for cameras and photography. I do have a digital SLR camera but it is so bulky and with all the baggage I have to carry in my changing bag, I just don’t have the space or shoulders to carry it around so my main requirement for a compact digital camera was that it needed to be as close to an SLR as possible. There were a few others which were out of my price range but the Sony HX5V was the camera that kept being recommended to me. I had a little play around with it in various shops with different lighting and outlooks before deciding ‘this is the camera for me’. I have now had my camera for just over a year and I couldn’t be happier. It has travelled far and wide with me and taken somewhere in the region of 66,000 photographs! Yes I do take a lot of photographs!!!!


  • Exmor R CMOS Sensor – great for taking pictures in low-light conditions, the sensors boosts sensitivity and reduces noise
  • 10xOptical Zoom/25mm wide angle – High quality lens with a wide angle for taking great shots of groups and landscapes. High-power zoom gets you closer to the object
  • Intelligent Sweep Panorama – such a cool feature for great landscape shots it automatically combines a series of shots to make one smooth panoramic image
  • 1080i Full HD Movie – one-touch recording function gives you high quality HD movie clips using AVCHD format and has a wide choice of HD playback options
  • 10.2 megapixels – very quality images which preserve the detail for enlargements
  • BIONZ processor – high power image processor for clear, detailed, low-noise images and fast responsive shooting
  • 7.5cm/3inch LCD screen – excellent detail, high contract and wide angle viewing
  • Handheld twilight mode – great for noise reduction in low light conditions – combines 6 successive frames to make one image with low noise
  • Anti Motion Blur mode – reduced subject blur by combining 6 successive frames to make one image with low noise
  • High-speed continuous shooting – takes up to 10 shots per second
  • GPS – this clever camera will tell you exactly where you were and when you took a particular image. From your PC you can retrace your steps with your images on clever online maps. The compass will even tell you which direction you were facing when you took the shot.

Sony HX5V

So what do I like about the Sony HX5V?

For starters I like the size, it fits neatly in my hand and has its own pocket in my changing bag. The majority of photographs that I take are of the children and anyone who tries to photograph children will know, they don’t sit still for long or look where you want them to at the right time so I wanted a camera with a burst feature. There are various burst settings that I can use from Lo Burst where it takes 10 shots at a maximum speed of 2 shots per second, Mid where it takes 10 shots at a maximum speed of 5 shots per second and High where it takes 10 shots at a maximum speed of 10 shots per second. When using Burst mode it is worth noting that you cannot use a flash so these photographs only work outside or in good lighting conditions.

I used Burst mode to take this photograph of Curly jumping and then selected the best shot from the 10 pictures taken to capture him mid-air for an impressive action shot.




Sony HX5V

It has a 10 x Optical Zoom which is great for getting those long-distance shots (brilliant for landscapes, really tall structures and for trips to the zoo!) and 10.2 megapixels. When I bought the camera I was told that the Sony Lens G uses the same technology as in an SLR camera for high quality images and it really does provide great shots. I love the sweep panorama for great landscape shots, it really helps to capture the memory perfectly.

Sony HX5V

Sony HX5V

Sony HX5VI have used the movie feature quite a lot and I’m really impressed with the picture quality and how easy it is to use. I don’t need to switch it to movie setting, if I suddenly want to record something when I’m taking photographs I just need to press the button on the back and it begins recording instantly.

There are numerous scene functions to ensure the settings match the scene you are trying to take, the fireworks one is brilliant. I tried taking photographs without this setting and the difference was astounding.

At the moment I still use the camera on Intelligent Automatic setting most of the time because I still need to learn how to use all of the individual functions and settings on a digital camera, I just haven’t found the right teacher yet. Usually after owning a camera for about a year I’m ready to change for the next new camera on the scene but this year I’m happy to stay with the one I’ve got because I have found a camera which fits the bill perfectly!

Sony HX5V


  • sue willshee

    March 23 at 1:34 pm

    I laughed at your comment that you take a lot of photos because I do too! Everywhere we go, his grumpiness tells me I’m like a Japanese tourise because my camera is always out and I take photos of the oddest things.

    We recently came back from 5 days in Dubai and when I came to view the photos I’d taken over 1000 photos and around 10 videos 🙂

    I just love to capture those memories!

    …and as for photos of the kids….well! Daisy is 14 months old now and I have at least a dozen photos of every day of her life so far.

    My camera is just a digital olympus which cost less than £60 and has been absolutely fantastic!

    1. IamMummyMatters

      March 27 at 9:28 pm

      Ah glad to hear that I am not alone – you just think that you will remember every single detail but sadly you don’t so photographs help and it’s also nice for the children to look back on when they grow up too. Thank you for your comment x

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