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Social networks, emails and texts can be so dangerous!

Over the last couple of days I’ve come to realise just how dangerous social networking sites, emails and texts can be. Why? Because the written word can be so easily misconstrued as you can’t always “hear” the tone in which it was written or sometimes the subject matter/person may not be correctly identified which can then cause major hurt and upset to the people involved. This is especially bad when done on social network sites where all contacts can read what is happening – would you want to stand in the middle of a shopping centre or public park and have an all out argument with your wife, husband, best friend etc for all to hear? I doubt it, so why would you put your argument out for all to see?

Set yourselves a task – take a handful of random emails, texts or status updates and see just how many different ways you can read it, bear in mind that some people have a very sarcastic sense of humour (me included – yes I know, lowest form of wit – therefore used by the highest form of intelligence!). 

Before you reply to something that may have upset you, re-read it? Could it have a different meaning? A different tone? Then when you compose your reply, re-read it, can it be taken in different ways??? It only takes a minute or two to re-read but it can take a lifetime to put right when its gone wrong! 

Or alternatively, pick up the phone and speak in person, that way everyone understands what is being said!!

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