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image Every parent knows the importance of getting a good night’s sleep for both you and your little one. Parents also know what little wrigglers babies can be in their sleep, Beanie Boy does laps of his cot every night so a blanket is lost on him about 5 minutes after putting him to bed. From the moment that Beanie Boy was moved from his moses basket to his cot I have put him to bed in a sleeping bag because they are perfect for keeping him warm. He can kick and moved about to his heart’s desire but yet he will remain warm. As summer approaches and the temperature begins to rise he needs to sleep in a lighter sleeping bag so that he doesn’t become too hot. By Carla came to my rescue when they asked me to review their Playtime Summer Sleeping Bag which has a maximum tog rating of 1.
When it arrived it was beautifully packaged and tied with gorgeous black ‘By Carla’ ribbon, I love little details like this – it makes them feel so much more special. The sleeping bag is a beautifully soft cotton and is generous in length which means it will last Beanie Boy for a long time as well as giving him lots of space to move his legs freely. It has poppers on each shoulder and a side opening zip which runs along the bottom of the sleeping bag to give easy access for changing. I love the bright ‘playtime’ design, the hand and foot prints are so cute and a daily reminder of how little our precious babies actually start out.
Beanie Boy has been using his sleeping bag for a few weeks now and I can confirm that it washes up really well, it has not lost its shape at all and the colours stay fast.
By Carla launched in 2009 and is part of the Kit for Kids Group. They are proud of their strong links with Early Years Professionals with whom they consult on projects where they aim to encourage interaction between parent and child, as well as helping a baby’s developmental needs. By Carla uses unisex colour pallets to suit the modern family and they feel that they are fun, vibrant and different.
RRP £19.99
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