School admissions: The news we didn’t want!

School Admissions So last week I posted that we would be finding out this week if Little Bean had been accepted for the out-of-area Primary School that we so desperately wanted for her. Last night we logged on to the system to receive our offer, I took one look at the screen saw the name of the School we were hoping for and jumped for joy that she had got it. Then I looked again and saw the writing underneath stating the School was oversubscribed and could NOT offer her a place. I could have cried (in fact less than half an hour later I did!).

I know that children are good at adapting and I am sure that Little Bean will be fine in whatever school she goes to but for the last few weeks she has been pointing to the School we would like her to go to telling me “I will be going to that School soon, won’t I Mummy?”. I would like to point out this is not my doing. On the occasions that Little Bean has stayed for ‘Tea Club’ at pre-school she will sometimes go over to the Primary School to collect the older children who will also be at Tea Club and Little Bean’s key-workers excitedly told Little Bean that “you will be coming to this School soon” without realising that actually there was a very good possibility that she wouldn’t.

Going to a different School will mean a lot of change for Little Bean, for one thing she will no longer be with her best friend Ella – they have been together constantly since 6 weeks of age so it breaks my heart to think that they will now be going their separate ways. Little Bean has a fab group of girlfriends at pre-school and they are all in-catchment so the likelihood is they will all be accepted meaning that none of the group will be moving with her to the other School.

Little Bean will no longer be able to attend out-of-school club at the pre-school she currently attends because it just wouldn’t make any sense to take her there when there will be an club at her new school and it also means that I will struggle for help getting her to and from School. My good friend and neighbour Mummy Bird often helps me out looking after the children and taking Little Bean to and from School when I am working away for the day but both of her children will be attending the School we had all applied for so the logistics mean she won’t be able to help and so that’s an awful lot of change for my little girl to cope with and I wouldn’t even begin to know where to look for help with the School runs now that she will be at a different school.

I will be putting in an Appeal but I have been told by the Admissions Department and many others that it is highly unlikely that it will be successful. Today I am feeling very sad indeed, this is not the start to Little Bean’s schooling that I was hoping for.


  • Karin @ Cafe Bebe

    April 23 at 1:50 pm

    We are sad too 🙁

  • Sally

    April 23 at 7:58 pm

    I know it’s not how you had hoped and will be challenging. Try to keep your chin up, little people are very adaptable. If we can help in anyway just shout up xx

  • Emma @mummymummymum

    April 24 at 1:04 pm

    We were in the same situation last year. It is just so disappointing not to get the school you want, but if its any consolation, Z has been very happy at his school. Maybe everything happens for a reason?

    I know its hard to come to terms with though. I didn’t buy uniform for Z until the week before he started school as I never really thought he would go there.

    Hugs xx

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