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Schleich Dinosaurs coming to a home near you?

Schleich Dinosaurs

During the summer we had lots of fun playing with our Schleich Dinosaurs out in the garden, Little Bean wasn’t very happy because they kept eating her little dolls but Beanie Boy didn’t let this deter him at all. He has recently been sent another Schleich Dinosaur to add to his collection and they are currently terrorising his toys in the playroom, there is much roaring, screaming and “help me” going on in there. I love listening to Beanie Boy play with his toys as he is brilliant at role play and really gets into it. He is dinosaur MAD and will play with them for hours, he particularly loves to have his dinosaurs ‘eat’ each other or some of his other characters and the thing that I like about the Schleich Dinosaurs over other makes is the attention to detail. The dinosaurs have been hand painted and everything is so precise, they are quite weighty so they stand well for playing and they can handle the rough and tumble life that Beanie Boy likes to show them. Beanie Boy loves the movable jaws which makes them even more realistic in his mind but no matter how many times I tell him their real names for the time being he just calls all of them ‘Rex’ or ‘Dinosaur’ but that’s alright by me, we can worry about their real names at a later date.

Schleich Dinosaur

There are loads of different Dinosaurs to choose from in the range including Carnivores and Herbivores so you can let your child’s imagination run wild with their dinosaur play, why not bring back a bit of fun for your little ones this Christmas?

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