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Every year Save the Children do all they can to protect children in countries less fortunate than ours and they have come a long way but still the battle continues. There is a huge shortfall of health workers in some of the poorest countries in the world which means the people who suffer the most are the vulnerable children and families.

Save the Children In order to save the lives of innocent children there needs to be greater access to Doctors, nurses and midwives because without them, there will be no-one to administer vaccines, no life-saving drugs prescribed and no care and support during childbirth. Save the Children’s campaign ‘No Child Born to Die’ is a simple one, why should any child die simply because they haven’t had access to a doctor or nurse and the campaigning is working. Ahead of the global vaccines summit in June nearly 50,000 people took action, calling on the Prime Minister, David Cameron,  to push for extra funding enabling some of the poorest children to have access to vaccines. Emails were sent to David Cameron, campaigners organised publicity stunts and lobbied their MP’s over a cuppa. IT WORKED!!

On 13th June 2011 at the summit world leaders agreed to fund vaccines which would save an estimated 4 million lives but we need to keep up the momentum.

Dr Mourou Arouna works in a health centre for malnourished children in Niger, he is supported by just 2 doctors or nurses per 10,000 people. That’s just not enough. Their work can make the difference between a child living or dying but only if they can see the child and provide the medical support in time and with the right supplies.

The UK government made a commitment to save the lives of 50,000 mothers and 250,000 children in the world’s poorest countries by 2015 but they need to be able to invest in health workers. If the UK government allocated their funds correctly they could help recruit, train and deploy doctors, nurses and midwives to work in countries like Niger.

What can you do?

I am not writing this post because I want you to donate money, though if you choose to do that, GREAT! But we can all help to make a difference if we let the government hear our voice. There are lots of ways that you can support Save the Children and the amazing work that they are doing. On 20 September 2011 David Cameron will be attending a major UN meeting, if you contact Save the Children they will send you a Petition Card which you can complete and return to them. They will then hand all these petitions to David Cameron calling for his help and support for those that cannot ask themselves.

If you want to get involved in other ways, click on the Save the Children badge below to visit their site and see what you can do.



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