Saturday Snippets

Saturday Snippets – 27.02.16

Wow it’s been a long time since I have done a Saturday Snippets post . . . in fact I’m pretty sure this is my first SS post this year? Oh well, here goes nothing . . .


{Feeling} a bit mixed to be honest. The start of the year hasn’t been great in the grand scheme of things, there seem to have been so many things which have gone wrong and not so many things which have gone right. In the past week I have felt a little mixed with my feelings. I’ve had times where I have felt very happy indeed but I’ve also had a lot of times where I have felt very low and a little bit lost in myself. I’m struggling quite a bit with the Beans at the moment, I feel like they have very little respect for me and like I sound like a scratched record, repeating myself over and over again.

{Listening to} Fun Songs for Kids – yes really! It’s a CD I bought for Jelly Bean to listen to in the car from time to time and it seems to have been non-stop in my car for weeks. He LOVES it and has learnt the words to most of the songs now, I have to admit I’ve quite enjoyed it myself and will often be singing along. I also bought myself MOS Rappers Delight for a bit of nostalgia on my part but I can only listen to that when the Beans aren’t in the car as the language on most tracks is a little to be desired.

{Watching} I don’t tend to watch very much ‘live’ TV so we are always trying to catch up on stuff we have recorded on the box or via Netflix and DisneyLife. I’m definitely a films girl and love to lose myself in a movie but Hubby and I have finally got around to watching Game of Thrones and have just finished Season 3 so now we need to get caught up on the rest. My favourite films this month have been Longest Ride and Lion King plus we went to the Cinema with Beanie Boy to see the Force Awakens at last and it really didn’t disappoint. I have ALWAYS loved Star Wars so it pleases me immensely that Beanie Boy shares my love for it.

{Health} hasn’t been the best with lots of back pain, headaches and a recurring issue with my shoulder since I trapped a nerve at Christmas. I really need to see a chiropractor but a the moment I can’t afford it so I shall be struggling on regardless and sticking to the pain killers.

{Home improvement} has been the name of the game this week with our lounge coming together nicely. Our carpet was fitted last week, I wallpapered a feature wall, Hubby painted the rest and our new suite was delivered on Monday. Now we need to put up new curtain poles and curtains then we are finished. We have also replaced the flooring in both of our upstairs bathrooms. We still have a fair bit of work to do around the house but we are doing the best we can with the time (and money) that we have.

{Me time} is something that I very rarely gift myself but in the past week I have made an effort to have a little ‘me time’ each day. I have read a book, done some colouring in my Mandala book and started some circular loom crafts . . . watch this space!

Saturday Snippets

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