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Review: The Jungle Bunch The Movie DVD

If you liked Madagascar and Happy Feet you’ll love the Jungle Bunch. The story begins in the Antarctic when a group of mean Walruses take over the Ice Floe and as a threat to what they will do if anyone disobeys them, they throw an egg into the icy cold waters. The egg is washed away and ends up on a beach on the edge of the jungle. Found by a tigress, the egg hatches and the tigress raises Maurice (John Lithgow) as her son. Maurice the Penguin truly believes he is a tiger and spends his days re-painting his stripes, teaching his adopted son Junior the Tiger Fish his own special hunting techniques and hanging out with his jungle buddies, Fred, the Elvis Presley of Warthogs, Al and Bob the comedy frogs and Miguel a rather hapless gorilla. Whilst out exploring one day they bump into Ping and Pong, penguins from Maurice’s native village who have come in search of “The Great Tiger Warrior” in the hope that he will be able to defend their village from the Walruses. The Jungle Bunch set off an their journey to save the village and embark on an adventure they will never forget.

This is a fun, family movie with loveable characters and an easy to follow story line. It’s bright, cheerful and guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained. The DVD is available TODAY from all major retailers and contains special features and bonus material featuring more adventures from the misfit jungle crew.



RRP £6.99

Certificate: U

Run time: 55 mins approx

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