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Review: Jungle Junction Taxi Crab Boat and Race Launcher

When Jungle Junction was launched on Disney Junior, we weren’t able to watch it as we don’t get that channel but it was a cartoon I had heard lots about and I knew it was one that my children would love so when I spotted a DVD with a few Jungle Junction episodes on it I bought it for them and I was right, they loved it!!

Jungle Junction features the main characters; Zooter, a lively pink piglet scooter who is a jungle messenger, Ellyvan, a blue elephant delivery van who is Zooter’s best friend and Bungo, who makes signs and sticks them up all over the jungle.

The show became so successful that Flair have launched a range of Jungle Junction toys and playset, we were lucky enough to be one of the families selected to review them and they have gone down a storm.

Jungle Junction Taxi Crab Boat

I tried to open these up sneakily on my own one afternoon whilst the children were playing nicely in the playroom. I wanted to be able to get a good look at them myself before they got their little mitts on them but ever the inquisitive, Beanie Boy sought out one very quiet Mummy, took one look at the Taxi Crab Boat and shouted “for me Mummy?”. How could I resist those big brown eyes? I handed the boat over and watched as he set to work on exploring all the different features of the boat.

The first thing I really liked about this one, was that it was ready to go straight from the box; no complicated building, just a few ties holding it in the box to get past and then Beanie Boy was off. Beanie Boy quickly discovered the wheels on the underside and wasted no time in shooting the boat across the floor to the sounds of “weeeeee”. For a relatively simple toy there are lots of cool features on the boat which captured Beanie Boy’s imagination, he liked the spinning sail and loved the extending plank. He loved finding all of his favourite figures and making them walk the plank in turn until there was a big pile of cartoon characters on the floor and no-one to sail the boat!

With a little bit of help from Mummy, Beanie Boy found the lift which Taxi Crab uses to travel up and down inside his boat, although he found it a little tricky to operate to begin with until he got the knack. To move the lift you just pull or push the chimney but Beanie Boy found this a little bit stiff to begin with. The ramp provided lots of fun when he discovered he could drop the figures in and watch them skoot out the back of the boat to the sounds of “weeeeeee” (it’s one of his favourite noises at the moment!).

RRP £29.99

Jungle Junction Race Launcher

Jungle Junction Race Launcher The Race Launcher is not a ‘ready to play’ toy and required some self-assembly but it wasn’t rocket science and even I with my baby brain was able to fathom it out without having to refer to the instructions. In fact the only annoying part about building this toy was the two children who were so keen to play with it they just muscled their way in and played as I was building!!!

Once complete my competitive little duo got stuck in racing their Jungle Junction characters down the ramps. To start the race simply raise Bobby’s arm and wait until he rings the bell to start the fun, then with a little tilt of the lamps on either side of the race launcher they are tipped up and sent hurtling down the ramps but only one can be crowned winner as there is only space for one character to speed through the finish line. Beanie Boy actually didn’t care that he came second most times, he still ran around the lounge shouting “I win, I win” which really upset uber competitive Little Bean (she must take after Daddy!).

The Race Launcher Set comes with Ellyvan and Crocker characters so the more sets you buy the more characters you build up, although characters can be purchased separately.

RRP £24.99

These are really sturdy, bright and cheerful toys which are guaranteed to put smiles on the faces of any Jungle Junction fan.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the Jungle Junction toys for the purpose of this review post. All words and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.
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