Review: Jelly Bean's Asda Summer Wardrobe 1

Review: Jelly Bean’s Asda Summer Wardrobe

Looking out of the window today it’s hard to imagine that British Summer Time has started, yesterday was sunny but not ‘hot’, today is cold and miserable. I’m feeling optimistic, we WILL have hot weather and Jelly Bean WILL get to wear these gorgeous new clothes courtesy of Asda.

As much as I would like to clothe my children in designer gear I don’t see the point in splashing out loads of money for something which will get covered in baby sick and poop. I’ve lost count of the number of items of baby clothing that have become ruined after just one wear thanks to baby poop which is a monkey of a stain to get out. I have always been a fan of Asda’s clothing range for the whole family, they are always up to date with the fashions, they are well made and more importantly, they are affordable.

Asda Baby Clothes

I was sent a voucher for £20 to see what I could find for Jelly Bean and this is what I managed to get. I think I did quite well really.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent the £20 Gift Voucher so that I could write this review post. All words, opinions and images are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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