Rescue Pals Train and Play Puppy

As a general rule, children love cuddly toys, mine certainly do!! Little Bean has a basket full of cuddly toys but none quite like the Rescue Pals Train and Play Puppy which Little Bean has quite unimaginatively named “Puppy”. Puppy came into our lives when I was offered to re-home him in exchange for a review and he has fitted into our little family perfectly.
image Puppy has the biggest eyes ever and is so cute, you can’t help but fall for his charms straight away. With the help of a clicker you can train him to be the best puppy in town, with one click he walks, a pat on the head he stops, two clicks he begs and three clicks he sits. I fear he may be a little confused as Little Bean has been clicking on overdrive and the poor little pup doesn’t know whether he’s supposed to be walking, sitting, begging or standing!
Puppy comes with a little treat which you can feed to him and then a little while later he poops it out, which Little Bean thinks is hilarious! From the moment that Little Bean set eyes on Puppy she has been walking him around the house with Beanie Boy following eagerly behind and whenever he gets his hands on Puppy he wrestles him to the ground and gives him big sloppy kisses.
Rescue Pals Train and Play Puppy and Healthy Check Puppy are aimed at age 3years plus which is perfect for Little Bean as she was 3 yesterday and at £29.99 I think it is very fairly priced for a toy which is guaranteed to bring a smile to your little ones face.

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