Is your home equipped with an HVAC system? If so, you should have it serviced and repaired regularly to provide better energy efficiency, longer unit life, fewer breakdowns, a comfortable indoor environment, and lower utility bills.

In case you haven’t installed such a system yet, you can even consider using geothermal energy instead of a traditional solution. HVAC professionals in Virginia Beach offer a variety of services, such as air conditioning installation and replacement, geothermal systems, furnace installation and repairs, ductless air conditioning, etc. There is a myriad of HVAC providers, such as RASTYRON.COM HVAC experts, offering heating and cooling services.

HVAC services

Learn more about each service below.

Air conditioning installation and replacement

One of the most popular HVAC services in Virginia Beach is air conditioning installation and replacement. Professional AC technicians value the time of their clients and strive to arrive during the appointment window. These experts perform comprehensive inspections of AC systems and advise homeowners on the nature of the required repairs.

Virginia Beach residents can hire HVAC technicians when in need of a simple check-up, regular maintenance, or an AC emergency. By performing regular maintenance, your AC will operate much longer and in a more efficient manner. Regarding the installation of new AC systems, customers receive a manufacturers’ warranty of at least ten years, along with a one-year labour warranty.

When installing a new air-conditioning system, AC technicians also provide helpful advice for choosing the most energy-efficient options. They also provide full cleaning and detailed inspection during every maintenance trip.

Geothermal energy

Another common HVAC service required by residents of Virginia Beach is the installation of geothermal HVAC systems. Geothermal energy has the potential to save thousands of dollars spent on utility bills due to its high energy efficiency. It uses the natural resources of the Earth instead of consuming fossil fuels. Read more information and facts about geothermal energy.

Moreover, the upper layer of the Earth’s crust is capable of maintaining a temperature between 50 and 60˚F. Consequently, geothermal heat pumps take advantage of this energy to cool and heat homes while reducing energy consumption. The system draws the heat stored in the earth to heat homes and returns the heat back to the ground to cool buildings.

Geothermal systems aren’t just cost-effective but also friendly to the environment. The largest part of customers experiences annual energy cost reduction of between thirty and sixty per cent.

Furnace installation and repairs

Furnace installation and repairs are offered by most HVAC providers in Virginia Beach. Homeowners should consider furnace replacement if the bills are increasing while usage remains the same, the unit is cycling frequently, some rooms are hotter/colder than others, the unit becomes excessively noisy, etc. You should also replace your furnace if excessive dirt and dust particles come out of the system, humidity becomes problematic, or rust appears around the unit.

Furthermore, the age of your unit is an important consideration. If it’s older than fifteen years, you should start considering an investment in a new unit. By using the latest technology, professional technicians calculate the right efficiency and size of the furnace for your home. Sometimes, furnaces require a reliable repair to keep operating.

The worst-case scenario for homeowners is to face a furnace failure in the middle of winter. Nevertheless, you can count on the quick and reliable service of HVAC technicians to restore the comfort and warmth in your home as soon as possible. Visit this link, https://www.familyhandyman.com/article/things-i-wish-i-knew-before-replacing-my-furnace/, to learn what to do before replacing a furnace.

Mini-split systems


Mini-split AC installation is another HVAC service of great assistance to Virginia Beach homeowners. Ductless air conditioning is a great alternative for homeowners that have no ductwork. These systems deliver cooled air through narrow tubes installed by professionals without doing any construction work.

Moreover, in mini-split AC systems, cool air is delivered to wall-mounted indoor units, which are connected to outdoor compressors with the help of tubing. No sacrifices are made in terms of power in spite of the absence of ductwork. These are excellent for single rooms and additions.

Final thoughts

Hiring professionals is the right decision to make when in need of residential or commercial heating and cooling services!

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