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Rainy Days are common in Britain – plan for them!

Rainy DaysIf you did not know if before, let me declare it again, I love my kids to the pit of my soul. I am also deeply grateful to my husband who understands the importance of me staying at home to nurture them and to take care of them. I don’t like to use this term, but he is largely the breadwinner for this family and his ability to work is a decisive factor in paying off our mortgage. Now, with another one on the way, it is important that he can continue to work and contribute towards this.

We all know that mothers are the best financial planners out there, at least when considering the family finances, but sometimes I cannot help but worry what would happen if something bad like an injury should befall him (knock on wood). I can’t help it; it is in a woman’s nature to worry about these things. Would he would he be hospitalised, or would his injuries be the long term debilitating kind, or would he have to take a lot of unpaid time off work (god bless him). I can’t help but wonder what would become of us and our bills and our mortgage and his recovery – how would we manage. Not all families save up for these kinds of unforeseen situations.

Google is my friend, so I got to looking at some future planning, and emergencies funding accounts, simply anything I could read to educate myself on the issue. I was somewhat eased when I saw that there were a myriad of options out there to set up such emergency savings plans, but I also came across some interesting stories where people had filed things like accident at work claims with First4Lawyers and actually managed to see their way out their economic slump. I can appreciate stories like that, because I understand the importance of feeling that justice has been served against the wrongdoer, instead of having to see families suffer for something that was not their fault to begin with. People can recover for all sorts of things these days with them; they even provide medical solicitors for cases where your GP has been negligent and it has caused you to suffer some kind of loss.

I can’t advise as to the best route, but it’s good to do some research and find out what suits your family the best. By all means, get a rainy day savings account, because you never know what could happen and you don’t want to leave your back exposed should something bad happen (knock on wood again).

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