My Q&A with Amanda Lamb 1

My Q&A with Amanda Lamb

Amanda Lamb is working with Mission Deli Wraps to launch The Lunchtime Revolution survey and the new Lunchtime Less Ordinary on pack competition. Go to MissionwrapsUK on Facebook for more information.

I was given the opportunity to interview Amanda;
  • I have an extremely fussy eater in the form of my 5 year old daughter. Her favourite thing to eat is bread – toast, sandwiches, pizza, dough balls and brioche. Up until last week the only thing she would eat on her sandwiches for school lunch was chocolate spread but that has now been banned in her school and so the only thing I can send her is plain bread or brioche. What would you suggest to tackle my lunchbox nightmares??

I think getting the kids involved in making lunch is really important. Something I do with my daughter is getting her involved in getting the lunch box ready the night before. This also saves time in the morning. I put out several choices and get her to help me pack the box. You can even let them sprinkle the cheese and spread the fillings.

You can get in her five a day by incorporating fruit and veg in fun ways such as smoothies and fruit juices and interactive figure food so she can have some fun with food.

You could try using bowls and plates with something on the bottom of them, which they can only see if they eat all their food. I buy bowls with cartoons and fun pictures on the bottom – this is a particularly good trick to get them to eat all their cereal. And if they are really fussy eaters, try just introducing one new thing a week, so you don’t bombard them with lots of different foods.

Another great thing to do when she comes home from school, is getting her to make her own pizza. You can even use Mission Deli Wraps as a tasty base. Just add on some shreaded ham, grated cheese, tomato purée, fresh tomatoes and pop under the grill until the cheese has melted. But as a general rule I find the more involved my 4.5 year old is making her food, the more likely she is to eat it.

  • What is your daughter’s favourite meal? What do you struggle to get her to eat?

If we’re out at a friend’s house, getting her to eat can be difficult, because there is too many other exciting things to do and see.

Her favourite meal changes constantly! This week it’s fish pie and peas, but like most kids she loves pasta. I use pasta dishes as a chance to sneak veg into her diet by making my own tomato – this is just a tin of tomatoes, chopped up couchette, carrot and any other veg you have lying around that can easily blend. Cook the blended sauce for 20 mins then blitz it again until the chunks of veg disappears.

But my top tip for getting kids to enjoy food is making food fun and getting them involved in it. Willow loves broccoli, so we chop up the florets and make them look like trees, or put raspberries on our fingers to pretend there puppets. By having a bit of fun with food, it stops it from becoming a chore.

  • I know a number of Mums who are now expecting their second baby and finding their pregnancy much harder the second time around. What advice would you give to them? How did your second pregnancy compare to your first?

My pregnancy was almost identical to my first. Although the biggest difference is, that you already have a child that you’re a full time mummy to. When I was pregnant with my first, I could have nap whenever I wanted and enjoying a lie in so was much easier. With my second, there was no such thing as a lie in as I had Willow running around.

My advise to mum’s pregnant with their second, is get sleep whenever you can and get as organised as you can before baby number two comes along – such as organising the nursery, other kids bedrooms, kitchen cupboards, everything you want to do as part of the nesting instinct. And make sure you take friends up on their offers of having the eldest for a few hours. I was really grateful to my friends who offered to have Willow for play dates while I was pregnant as you can use that time just to sleep. Women now a days are under so much pressure to try to be super human and so we need to help each other out – the first few weeks of Lottie being born I couldn’t have coped without neighbours and friends.

  • I love baking and doing crafts with my children. What is your favourite activity to do with your daughter?

Baking without a doubt! My mum did it with me and it’s a tradition I have carried on with my daughter. We made some great rocky road biscuits the other day! A handy trick for when you have your friend’s kids over for playdates, is to get a plain packet of biscuits, some little icing pens and edible glitter and get kids to decorate the biscuits themselves.

And to save extra mess, pre weigh everything before your start –a la Delia Smith – as other wise your little chefs just end up tipping all the flour in the bow.

  • As a family we have just started having a weekly ‘Family Film Night’ where we all sit down together, turn our mobiles off and just snuggle up on the sofa with a big bowl of popcorn. We are hoping this will become a family tradition so that the children can look back with fond memories of these times in years to come. Do you have any ‘family traditions’ or family activities that you do regularly?

Sunday afternoons are our family time, as when I was a child, Sunday was sacred. And some of my earliest memories are of Sunday afternoon family time. For us, Sunday afternoon is movie afternoon…we have popcorn and blankets and watch our favourite films. Our current favourites are The Little Mermaid and Tangled which we have seen a million times! In the summer Sunday afternoons are picnic times. And we’re very fortunate to live near Hampton Court which is great for picnicking in!

  • If you are standing in front of a pick’n’mix sweet stand, what sweets do you pick first?

Jelly beans and cola bottles.

Amanda Lamb is working with Mission Deli Wraps to launch The Lunchtime Revolution survey and the new Lunchtime Less Ordinary competition. Buy a special pack of Mission Deli Wraps from the bakery aisle to be in with a chance of winning 1 of 5 Amazing Lunchtime Experiences or £10,000.


Go to MissionwrapsUK on Facebook for more information.

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