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Proud to be British!


As I sit here this evening watching the Pride of Britain Awards, I really do have to say that I’m proud to be British. We really have some fantastic people and all too often this is outweighed by the bad in our communities!! Often its the smallest of things that people do, (which may seem like nothing to them) that make such a difference to others. Sometime I think we need to step back from our lives and realise that there are lots of people far worse off than ourselves and we need to ask ourselves if there is anything we can do to help.


Before I started watching PoBA I was feeling quite low and sorry for myself after another day of Baby Bean refusing her food (dinner and tea) and generally being a defiant little monkey (praise didn’t last long did it!) but I am so lucky, I have a gorgeous husband who makes me very happy, I have a handsome, loving and very helpful step-son and I have a beautiful daughter who sets me new challenges and makes me laugh everyday! Life’s not so bad really!!!

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