• Ravensburger

    Christmas Gift ideas for a 3 year old boy

    Eeek that time is approaching very fast when we need to think about what to buy for family and friends, it doesn’t get any easier does it so hopefully, I can offer you a few helpful hints; Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzles Jigsaw puzzles have been a favourite pastime for centuries and it’s a great thing to […]

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  • Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

    You might think it seems a bit odd that I’m writing about First Birthdays again when our youngest, Jelly Bean, is approaching his third birthday in January but our beautiful God-Daughter has just turned one and our very cute neighbour also turns one in the next week and so it got me thinking about how […]

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  • Microscooters

    Microscooter families just wanna have fun!

    Back in January this year I attended the Toy Fair at Olympia and tweeted a picture of all the gorgeous new Microscooters they had on display. We have long been fans of Microscooter so we were over the moon when Microscooter picked up my tweet and asked if we would be interested in trying out […]

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  • How to decorate your Micro Scooter Plus Giveaway!!! 1

    How to decorate your Micro Scooter Plus Giveaway!!!

    We love to make things ‘our own’ don’t we, these days you can pretty much customise everything, mobile phones, laptops, teddy bears, hey you can even customise your car! So it doesn’t come as a surprise that children want to be able to customise their Micro Scooters too. When doing the school run we see […]

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  • Zooters for your MicroScooters! 2

    Zooters for your MicroScooters!

    Everywhere you look at the moment, children are whizzing by you on Microscooters. We have tried 4 different types of scooter for Little Bean but the only one she took to was the Micro Scooter so it’s easy to see why they have become so popular. One thing that I really like about them is […]

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