• The Space Lab

    Clementoni Space Lab Giveaway

    When I attended The Toy Fair at Olympia at the start of this year, there was one particular toy which really caught my attention because it was one which I knew my green fingered Beans would just love . . . The Space Lab!!! Embark on your space adventure Space is waiting just for you […]

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  • nature

    Discovering nature with My First Microscope

    “Look Mummy, I found a nature” – Little Bean, aged 6 I still remember when my Mum bought my first microscope as a child; I thought I was a real scientist! It was those memories, coupled with the fact that Little Bean is huge lover of nature that prompted me to choose the My First […]

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  • #30waysin30days

    Learning to read – #30waysin30days

    Do you feel confident in teaching your child to read? It’s quite a daunting prospect, afterall, it’s a long time since we learnt to read and they do it all so differently these days. I had never even heard of a phoneme until Little Bean started school. Research by LeapFrog has found that almost half […]

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  • Tech Too kooky keys

    Tech Too Kooky Keys from KD Planet

    Babies and children just LOVE keys don’t they! If you close your eyes for a moment and play with a set of keys yourself you can completely understand why, they are a huge sensory treat; they jingle jangle and make lots of interesting noises they can feel hot or cold depending on where they have […]

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  • Learning Resources

    Learning Resources Smart Toss

    Beanie Boy’s favourite game at the moment is his Smart Toss from Learning Resources. Quite simply it’s a Bean Bag tossing game with lots of different learning possibilities. I love to have activities around to keep them active during the winter months because my Beans are active little monkeys so they need to have activities […]

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