• NORAD Tracks Santa is now even better! 1

    NORAD Tracks Santa is now even better!

    If you haven’t heard of NORAD before then “where have you been hiding?”. If you have children who believe in Santa then you really need to be paying attention right now! Every year millions of people tune into NORAD to track Santa’s movements on Christmas Eve, my children watch it and they completely buy into […]

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  • How to choose the best mobile phone plan for your kids 3

    How to choose the best mobile phone plan for your kids

    Once the technological territory of parents and teenagers, mobile phones now appear to be hitting primary school playgrounds too. According to suggestions from a recent study published in the Daily Mail, today’s youngsters now head out the door with a handset six years earlier than their peers of a decade ago, with children receiving their […]

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  • Holly Willoughby

    Windows 8 Phone and lunch with Holly Willoughby

    The last time I had my hands on the new Windows 8 Phone was at it’s launch before Christmas when I was heavily pregnant with Jelly Bean. I had been impressed with the phone at the time and remember tweeting that my current Samsung Galaxy S2 just wasn’t quite cutting the mustard for me anymore. […]

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  • Windows 8 Phone

    #MeetYours The New Windows Phone 8

    Last night in a dark basement in London a group of Media and tech lovers got up close and personal with the new Windows Phone 8. It’s been a long time coming but I think you will agree it is worth the wait. My first Smartphone was a Windows Phone and I was advised by […]

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  • Apps: Have you discovered 23Snaps yet? 4

    Apps: Have you discovered 23Snaps yet?

    When I attended BritMums Live earlier this summer I had a chance meeting with two very lovely people who were spreading the word on a new App they have been working on called 23Snaps which is a free private social networking App. When creating the App they wanted to come up with a way that […]

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  • The Latest Apps for Children 5

    The Latest Apps for Children

    I have a confession to make, we have been so busy playing these games over the summer that I totally forgot I needed to tell my readers all about them. We have spent the summer travelling up and down to London on the trains, up and down the country in the car and days out […]

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