• My Little Pony

    My Little Pony Colouring Adventures – Issue 2 OUT NOW!!

    Last month Little Bean was very excited to receive Issue 1 of the My Little Pony Colouring Adventures series, it has kept her busy for most of the month, doing colouring and activities after school to relax. She loved the coloured pencils and glitter craft tape, I have noticed that it has cropped up on […]

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  • Sunshine

    The Sunshine Bloggers Quiz

    I’m trying something a little different today, normally when I start a blog post it’s because I want to tell you about something we have been doing as a family or something which has been on my mind. It might be a review post or a competition but rarely is it something which give you […]

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  • Paperchase

    Have a Cracking Christmas with Paperchase

    Paperchase is a shop that I have loved for a long time, not only do they sell gorgeous stationery which is perfect for a stationery hoarder like me but they have great gifts too. Little Bean is following firmly in her Mummy’s footsteps and will always ask to go in there when we have a […]

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  • Smite

    Smite – the fun and tactical wooden garden game!

    Growing up I remember playing garden games with my family late into the Summer’s evening and they bring back happy memories. Croquet was favourite game, my Grandad had a beautiful Wooden Croquet set on a trolley with large solid wooden balls. We had the perfect garden for playing out in as a family, it had a […]

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  • #JustWrite

    Bring back a love of handwriting with Bic #JustWrite

    My Grandad always used to say that you would never see me without a pen or a pencil in my hand as a child and he was right. I have always loved writing; stories, letters, postcards, lists, crosswords and of course now blog posts! I think Little Bean may just follow in my footsteps as […]

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  • Neat Freak

    What’s your pro-file? I’m a NEAT FREAK!!!

    Haha, like I didn’t know THAT already?! When I used to work in an office, my colleagues used to joke that I was like Monica from Friends because I was so particular about the way that everything was kept. I like a nice tidy desk – my motto was “tidy desk – tidy mind” and […]

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