• Galt Magic Bath Puzzles 1

    Galt Magic Bath Puzzles

    Sometimes it can be hard to know what to buy for a two year old, they are too old for most of the ‘baby’ toys but they haven’t quite grasped some of the older toys that their siblings and peers play with. There is one place that most two year olds love to spend time, […]

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  • Burping Burt – The Matching Sound Game 2

    Burping Burt – The Matching Sound Game

    There is no other way to describe Burping Burt other than ‘the new Marmite’, people are either going to LOVE Burping Burt or they are going to HATE it and I guess that depends largely on your sense of humour. Personally I think this is a game which all children will love and find completely […]

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  • Jump In Muddy Puddles Peppa Pig 3

    Jump In Muddy Puddles Peppa Pig

    What did we do before Peppa Pig? She has completely captured the hearts of our preschoolers hasn’t she, my two are obsessed with her. They have books, figures, DVD’s, games, you name it so when we were sent Jump In Muddy Puddles Peppa I felt sure she would be an instant hit. Thinking back I […]

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  • Magic Sounds Board Games from Imagination 4

    Magic Sounds Board Games from Imagination

    We love board games, they are a great way of spending fun family time together whilst sneakily fine-tuning younger children’s addition, colour recognition and social skills. The difficult choice can be knowing where to start with a board game because the little ones want to join in but you need a game that is fast […]

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  • The Snowman is 30 Years old!!! 5

    The Snowman is 30 Years old!!!

    I don’t know about you but I’m thinking that is SOME Snowman and craftsmanship to last 30 years!! Seriously though, at first I thought “nah it can’t be 30 years” but then thinking back yes I remember that first Christmas when I was but a child myself and we all sat down to watch this […]

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  • Poppy Cat

    Go Poppy Cat crazy this Christmas!!

    Do you remember I told you about Poppy Cat a few weeks ago? Well, come here, there’s more! Your little bookworms will definitely want to get their hands on the two brand new Poppy Cat TV tie in book titles; All Aboard! and Blast Off! Last week we hopped on the train to London early […]

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