Poorly you say? Sorry not today!

Firstly, I know I’m not the only one but days like today are hard to take. For whatever reason I woke up this morning with the mother of all migraines and it just doesn’t want to budge. Thankfully I have a fabulous husband who had got the children up, fed them and dressed them before I dragged my pounding head from my pillow but still I had to get Little Bean to pre-school which is in the next town so I had to drive. This was not a fun task because every time I turned my head I felt like I was going to be sick. But being a Mummy I soldiered on, I took Little Bean to school in my sunglasses, in the rain and got some very strange looks – no I don’t think I’m a celebrity I’ve got a flippin’ migraine is what I wanted to scream but if I had I just know that I would have been sick.
IMAG0063 When I arrived home, Beanie Boy played along and went to bed like a good boy but still there was no time to shut myself away in a darkened room, there was the dishwasher to unload/reload, the washing machine to unload/reload, the ironing to put away and then it was time for me to start work, yes that’s right work – I’ve started a new part-time job working from home which I’m enjoying but today was the day I could have done without it. Sadly the bills don’t stop coming in because I’ve got a bad head so I need to make sure that the money keeps coming in too. I sat for an hour and a half making phone calls and completing spreadsheets, I hope I’ve put the right information in the right boxes?
12 o’clock soon came around and it was time to head off to collect my Little Bean again. After weeks of collecting her and being told that “she doesn’t seem herself today” I finally got told, she was “back to normal today” which was a relief, until I got outside the school gates and she demanded to be carried. I told her that I couldn’t because my head was poorly and it would make me hurt more but then the tears came and the screaming started and so again, I carried her all the way trying my hardest to not be sick down her back.
We ate our lunch together which, for once, was not a battle ground and played for a little while in the playroom until my head couldn’t take any more. I read the shortest bedtime stories that i could find with the biggest words possible and tucked my ‘angels’ to bed. Little Bean fell to sleep within minutes after her busy morning at pre-school but Beanie Boy had different ideas. As I laid my head down and closed my eyes willing him to do the same, his shouting became louder and I started to hear new sounds echoing through the monitor. When I went into his room to assess the damage find the source of the noise, I was faced with Beanie Boy pulling at the curtains which he had managed to drag into his cot (don’t worry not long enough to do himself any damage) and his moneybox now in his bed and not on the windowsill where it belongs. After 5-6 times of laying him down he finally got the message and went to sleep. By this time, I knew that sleep would not find me so I took more painkillers and stoked up the laptop in order to carry out more work. Two telephone calls down and Little Bean was screaming, she’d had an accident in her pull-up pants and was very upset. She cried very loudly with no tears and then said, “I want to go back to bed”. That was 10 minutes ago and all is very quiet, I wonder if I dare sneak back into my bed and have one more try? I do feel very poorly but I forgot that part in the contract of parenthood which says “no time off sick” . . . . . . night!


  • Kim

    June 23 at 7:21 pm

    I too am a migraine sufferer so I know how horrible they are. Totally sucks when you are pregnant or breastfeeding (like I am now) as you can’t take any of the good drugs! Accupuncture helps me stay on top of them.

    1. mummymatters

      June 23 at 9:03 pm

      I had accupuncture when I was pregnant with Little Bean and it got rid of my migraines completely, I’ve perhaps only had one or two in the last couple of years. If they start becoming more frequent I shall definitely do that again.
      Thank you for commenting x

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