Playgroup hit the spot!

Little Bean has always been a busy bee, even when she was a tiny baby she never stopped moving – seriously!  Lying in her bouncer she wouldn’t just lay back and watch the world go by, her arms and legs would be constantly ‘pedalling’.  She is still the same now, she won’t just “sit”, but then I shouldn’t be surprised as I’m the same.  My mind is always onto the next thing, thinking of all the things I need to do, she won’t even sit and watch the TV, which is a good thing.  She always has to be playing something or looking at a book at the same time.  She has loads of energy to expel and this has become evermore apparent over the past few months in the latter stages of my pregnancy and now that I am a new mummy again.

On the days we spend at home, she becomes fractious very easily, she will argue and attention seek (even though she gets plenty of attention), she can be very hard work.  But on the days that we are able to get out and do things, she’s my perfect little angel – this tells me that she needs “more” in her life.  She needs to see different places, different people and do different activities.  I can’t wait for her to attend pre-school as I know this is what she needs but until then I need to find other ways to keep her entertained.

Today we tried out a playgroup in our local town.  The only reason I haven’t taken her before was because I didn’t know it existed.  How can I have missed out on this little gem for so long!  Apparently it’s been running for 17 years now, so it’s not exactly new.  From the moment that we arrived Little Bean was off, there were all manner of toys available for her to play with, there was “story corner and art” in a separate room with one leader running it and there was a Playdoh table again with a play leader to help them.  Towards the end, all the children were invited to sit a table together where they were given a drink and biscuit, before everyone (Mums, Dads and children) sitting together in a big circle to sing songs.

Little Bean loved it so much she asked if we could go again and the best bit for me was when we got home.  She was so tired she actually asked me if she could go to bed where she slept for just over 2 hours!!!! 

I can’t wait to get back there again next week!

I would also like to add that I was really nervous about going to a playgroup where I didn’t know anyone.  I always worry that these type of things will be very cliquey but I couldn’t have been more wrong, all the parents were very welcoming and keen to make me feel a part of it.  One of the organisers spoke to me half way through to see how we were getting along and again at the end she asked if we had enjoyed it and that she hoped to see us again next week.  It just goes to show, sometimes you just need to dip your toe in the water because sometimes you might just find out that its lovely and warm!

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