The Drawing Room Salon

Panasonic Pampering at The Drawing Room – don’t mind if I do!

Pam-per : Verb (used with object) to treat or gratify with extreme or excessive indulgence, kindness or care

The Drawing Room Salon

Yesterday I found myself in Spitalfield’s at The Drawing Room Salon just a stone’s throw from Liverpool Street Station in a chic yet cosy converted Georgian-era townhouse. I fell in love with the salon immediately; the furniture, the lighting, the colour scheme which instantly soothes you. Upstairs took me back to memories of my Grandma’s house with antique furniture, cut glass and large mirrors to fill the rooms with light. Downstairs was different yet still luxurious, it was modern without being clinical. We all loved the floor and the dark wood which gave the hint of a morroccan feel. The Drawing Room has been open for approximately three months with Oskar Pera at the healm with Creative Directors Mikey Pearson and Lee Crichton and brother, Hector Pera. For me it felt strange to be in a salon with an all-male staff, a very pleasant experience indeed as all the guys were very charming and made me feel completely at ease and as I commented to my fellow bloggers Emma and Julie, at least with a male hair stylist they can’t go on maternity leave just as you get used to the way they do your hair (this has happened to me on a number of occasions). Although they can start a family and move to a different country (yes this has happened too).

The Drawing Room Salon

I was treated to a very relaxing shampoo, condition and head massage with Kevin Murphy hair care at the hands of Mikey, my feet were elevated and if it wasn’t for the fear of dribbling all over myself I could easily have fallen asleep with no children clambering all over me! Upstairs, Oskar asked what kind of look I would like to achieve with my hair and I commented that I am always trying to give my hair a little more life and volume and so he began.

The Drawing Room Salon

The reason for our visit to The Drawing Room was at the invitation of Panasonic who have a spangly new range of  Personal Care products which they were very excited to tell us about. Julie, Emma and I have been selected as Panasonic Brit Bloggers  and what better way to show us how the products work than to demonstrate on us with a little pampering. Oskar, Hector and Mikey were using the awesome new Panasonic Naneo Hairdryers to style our hair so that we could feel for ourselves the difference it made to our hair. Over the past couple of years since I have grown my hair long I only tend to blow-dry my hair for special occasions as I was beginning to feel like it was drying my hair out too much and causing more split ends but the Naneo technology is here to save the day (and our hair).


Both the Hairdryer and the Straighteners produce nano-sized electrostatic atomised water particles which hold around 1,000 times more water than negative ions, providing deep moisture and reducing any possible damage and dryness caused by heating. The hairdryer comes with three attachments; a quick-dry nozzle with high/low wind pressure which spreads the hair evenly for faster drying, a diffuser which has air vents in the fingers as well as the bowl and styling nozzle to get the wind exactly where you want it. At 2000W the hairdryer provides a strong airflow and has has three speed and temperature settings.

Oskar treated my hair first with a delicious scented volumising spray by Oribe and then used the quick-dry nozzle to dry my hair to 90% and then switched to the styling nozzle and starting at the nape of my neck he dried my hair in small sections using a large-barrelled natural fibre brush. As each section was completed he rolled the hair back up and clipped it in loose barrels whilst it was still hot to allow the curl to cool naturally. Once he had dried all my hair he gave my hair a spritz with a Oribe texturising spray and then left it to cool before removing the clips and combing through the curls gently with his fingers. The results were amazing, I have never felt so confident with my hair and I just wanted to go somewhere uber-glamorous to show it off!


Whilst Oskar was drying my hair we both noticed something quite significant about the hairdryer; we could actually hear each other talking which is very unusual as it often impossible to have a conversation with your stylist whilst they are drying your hair. No more akward situations when you smile or nod in the wrong part of the conversation!!! The difference in my hair could not only be seen but felt as it didn’t feel dried out and brittle, Oskar hadn’t needed to apply serum to the ends as I normally do in order to tame the frizz or to make it look shiny, the hairdryer had locked in the moisture and my hair loved it.

I shall come back to you shortly with another little post about how to achieve volume and movement in your hair by sharing a few tips with you that Oskar demonstrated to me whilst drying my hair. I shall probably try them out on Little Bean’s hair first (it’s like having my own Girl’s World doll).

Afterwards we were treated to some lunch and shown through the rest of the range of Personal Care products before being released into the bustling streets of London looking exactly like we had just stepped out of a salon! Tune in again soon and I shall share with you the other great products in the new Pananasonic Personal Care range.

Thanks for reading . . .

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary wash and blow-dry, lunch and travel for the purpose of yesterday’s event and this post. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.


  • Actually Mummy

    July 8 at 10:04 pm

    Ooh it looks super glam there. My lovely hairdresser comes to me so it’s been ages since I had the treat of time in a salon. There’s something so relaxing about it.

    1. IamMummyMatters

      July 8 at 10:38 pm

      Thank you, it really was relaxing. I normally have at least one of my boys in tow with me and they climb all over me so this was bliss!

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