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Our Loft Conversion Wishlist

It’s funny when you first buy a house, it’s seems huge and you imagine your family growing into it. When we first moved into this house we only had William, Lillie and a large bump in my tummy who would arrived two weeks later (Ollie). Now here we are nearly 7 years later as a family of 6 and the house feels much smaller.


Ollie and Albie have shared a bedroom since Albie was born, so Ollie was only 2 years old and really doesn’t remember having his own room at all. A few times a year Ollie will ask us “when am I allowed my own bedroom?” and it’s such a difficult question to answer. We live in a four bedroom house and whilst we do have a downstairs playroom/office which could in essence be converted to a small bedroom, I honestly don’t like the idea of a child sleeping downstairs. We have looked into converting the loft and could fit two bedrooms with a Jack and Jill bathroom BUT we would lose a bedroom on the middle floor. This would mean that each of the children could have their own rooms.


One of the biggest pulls for us when buying this house was the amount of windows and how light the house felt. Adding a further floor to the house would provide an opportunity for roofwindows which of course means MORE LIGHT! Light brings energy to a house and of course helps to regulate the temperature, like Solstro’s centre pivots.


We currently have one master bathroom, an en-suite and a downstairs toilet which is way more than many houses I know but having a further bathroom to make things slightly more fluid during the morning routines. Trying to get four children ready for school in a morning is like military manoeuvres, you can guarantee that they will all want to use the bathroom at the same time.


When you look around online for loft inspiration there are some great ideas for storage. With the pitched ceilings it can be a struggle to use standard bedroom furniture so you have to be a little more creative. This can mean more a higher price tag for bespoke furniture but it also a chance to have something a little more unique and stylish. I love the slide-out wardrobes, storage units and funky shelves. I especially love this genius idea for a pull-out guest bed.
Have you converted your loft? What would be your best recommendations for what we really should have and what we could definitely live without?
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